Ignite Power Stacks
Get more done 
in less time
Ignite Power Stacks
Get more done in less time
If you're not on Power Stacks, you're playing at a disadvantage
Be more effective 
with your time
Let's face it. No matter how hard you try, you only have 24 hours each day. Slack off for a second, and your competitors might pass you... But with Power Stacks, you can finally get MORE done. Outwork your competitors before they outwork you.
Stay focused 
and motivated
With a million different things to do, it's easy to get distracted or discouraged. But now, you can stay motivated and focused through the toughest challenges. Business isn't easy. But with Power Stacks, it just got a little bit easier.
Keep calm 
under pressure
How many times have you had the perfect schedule planned out? And then all hell breaks loose... Don't let your nerves cost you everything you worked so hard for. No matter the situation, you can excel if you stay calm and collected.
Multitask like 
Coordinating shipments, dealing with customers, marketing your brand. No matter what comes your way, be ready to handle all the moving pieces with efficiency and ease. Grow your business and put out urgent fires before it gets too late...
How Power Stacks Work
Nootropics. A powerful, natural supplement that can increase cognition and executive functioning. Our Brain Complex takes advantage of well studied and scientifically supported nootropics to give you the greatest results.

The business world is a fast paced, high intensity environment. You don't want to be the person who forgets to call a client or miss an important deal. This common problem is known as memory fog, and it can stop you in your tracks. Our nootropic blend boosts your natural Acetylcholine, crushing your memory fog and letting you get more done while forgetting less.
A rise in bloodflow to brain also takes place. Increasing available oxygen and nutrients, decreasing toxins, and helping you think more quickly and clearly.

Work longer and harder. The caffeine, B vitamins, and L-Theanine we use gives you a long lasting, smooth flow of energy and focus. But without the jitters or crash that can be experienced with coffee or energy drink. Put in the time needed to grow a business, without the worry of passing out in the middle of an important task.

And the more Power Stacks you take, the better you'll feel. These effects improve over time as the ingredients build up in your system (Just like other vitamins). So enjoy Power Stacks whenever you like. †
Made with all natural nutrients
Lion's Mane
Known for its powerful effects and used widely for its cognitive benefits, Lion's Mane promotes nerve growth factor (NGF) and grows your brain over time.
Bacopa Monniera
This powerful antioxidant interacts with the dopamine and serotonergic systems, improving dendrite production and the connections between the neurons. Bacopa is an adaptogen, able to aide in the prevention of stress, and the increase in motivation.
Ginko Biloba
The increased bloodflow to the brain caused by Ginko give you an increase in oxygen and nutrients while also improving cognition.
Huperzine A
Acetylcholine is a learning neurotransmitter that breaks down due to natural enzymes. Huperzine A inhibits these enzymes from breaking down Acetylcholine and helps fight cognitive decline.
Don't just take our word. Here's what others are saying
This Ignite stuff is phenomenal man. I took it an hour ago and I'm feeling like a million bucks. 

-Rami R.
I’d recommend Ignite for anyone who needs more oomph in their lives.

-Topdust Magazine
The Power Stacks work great! I feel sharper and have more energy for hours after I take it.

-Eric W.
Frequently Asked Questions
When should I take Power Stacks and How many can I take?

Adults should take 3 capsules each morning for optimal results. On days you want some extra oomph or that "in the zone" feeling, take another 3 capsules before any big task or project. Just make sure it's least four hours after your first serving was taken. Dont exceed three servings in any 24 hour period.

Will I build up a tolerance to Power Stacks?

Actually, it's the opposite. The more often you take Power Stacks, the stronger the benefits. This is why we recommend a serving each day. The healthy nutrients build up in your system over time, causing long term results. (just like daily vitamins)

Do Power Stacks cause jitters or a crash?

No Jitters. No Crash. The L-Theanine in our Power Stacks balances out the jitters and crash normally experienced with coffee or energy drinks. Meaning you can actually focus and put your energy to good use instead of constantly shaking in your seat.
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